The mission of the Microsoft Excel Collegiate Challenge is to supplement college curriculums by providing engaging and gamified Excel training that helps better prepare students for their careers. We engage students with monthly challenges spanning a variety of topics, from traditional personal finance models (like understanding credit card interest costs) to scoring volleyball matches (who remembers side-out scoring?).

By meeting students where they are, we make discovering the world of data analytics accessible. Students can go as deep, or stay as shallow, as they want, and they can experience success by earning a Certificate of Completion or by competing against their peers and earning a place in the finals. Put simply, the MECC makes Excel a puzzle-solving game that turns students’ talents into valued skills.

The MECC is open to any student regardless of age, gender, race, place of living, or any other limiting factor. While all students are welcome to participate in all online aspects of the MECC, some students may be restricted from participating in the in-person Finals of the Competition in Las Vegas, NV, and thus may not be eligible for prizes.

The Organizers will follow guidelines from the United States State Department, the University of Arizona, and corporate sponsors in determining any such restrictions. Please note that anyone attending the in-person Finals must be 18 years of age or older on or before December 2, 2024 and be currently attending a degree-granting institution.

Please see the current schedule for dates, times, and locations.

All students can register for the MECC through the sign up page.

There is no deadline so you can enroll in the MECC at any time.

Monthly challenges are available based on the season’s schedule. Please see the current schedule for dates.

You will need to have registered the day before the first online competition round begins to be eligible to compete for the current season. Please see the current schedule for dates.

Each month of the season, a Monthly Challenge is published through the ExPrep platform. Students will download the file, complete it, and will then need to upload it to receive credit.

Note that the Monthly Challenges only need to be completed within the season and not within the published month to receive credit. Please see the current schedule for dates.

Results will typically be published within one week of the completion of online rounds. See the current schedule for dates.

Rankings will include:

  • The registered first and last name of the top 30% of students or an assigned ID number for the remaining students
  • Country
  • University or College
  • Number of points scored

Please see Official Rules for a full explanation of scoring rules for both online and in-person events.

Students are provided access to the Monthly Challenges and are allowed to participate in the online competition rounds at no cost.

For in-person events, please see the Competition Rules.

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